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Petra Wittmar’s Medebach

30 Nov


The Helsinki Bus Station Theory: Finding Your Own Vision in Photography

22 Nov

Philip-Lorca diCorcia

23 Oct


A film about his exhibition on Hustlers (

That film makes me think again of “Why do we take photographs?”

Do we want to explain? Document? Gawk? change the world sees on them or change their lifestyle?

Would be a nice question to ask Philip-Lorca. Does he have a meaning with it?

Art and history of portraitphotography

18 Oct

Staged war photography…scary

13 Sep

The Vital Link Between Emotions and Creativity in Photography

3 Sep

Linkage of emotions and creativity, described by a passionate amateur photographer that lost his mother due to liver failure and has now stopped taking pictures but none the less a positive outlook of him


30 Aug

Having read and looked at several articles and videos about commercial and car photography I have to express my frustration.

Where is the border between photography and visual art or advertisement….or plain lies.

Looking at what people photograph and afterwards do with the photos in Photoshop or similar programs, just unbelievable…and frustrating.

Where should we have our level of ambition? Of course just looking at two specific areas of photography but as discussed in the CPP course are alterations everywhere. Where should we aim? What is realistic to aim for…and what is realistic

Photos are not the truth anymore.

Definitely something I have to think about more deeply. Maybe trying to get “more strings on my guitar to play with” as we say here? Being able to get both a good photographer and a good photoshopist?

Is good photography without enhancement in the computer possible? Of course when looking at older work even there has been manipulations but I think there are worlds between alterations now and then.

Help! 🙂