Where have you come?

Welcome to my blog that I started to become my learning blog in my studies at the Open College of the Arts on my journey to become a photographer.

More than welcome to have a look around or leave a message.

Criticism is welcome!

The blog has a few different parts as it is a blog for my three modules on level one.

There are the pages for directly module-related pages as exercises, extra information, and the assignments. Apart from that you have the “Photographer of the day” which is meant to be a collection of pages, projects of and about photographers. The “Interesting from the internet” section has also photography related information that cannot be fitted in the other sections, such as advices on techniques.

When interested in pages I normally look at regularly, please visit the “Links” and to the right of it you even have my photographic library which is more or less up to date apart from several magazines I read.

Ha det så bra!