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Assignment 5 in DPP

12 Aug

Here comes the last assignment before assessment!


as always as a PDF


DPP Assignment 5 Andreas Fernandez 510766




Digital photographic practice – Assignment 4: real or fake

5 Jun

Here, a few weeks too late as I forgot to load it up the fourth assignment of the DPP course.

DPP Assignment 4 Andreas Fernandez 510766-2

Digital photographic practice – Assignment 3: Monochrome

25 Dec

Christmas has done it again. The blogg has been totally ignored that last few days but of course not the work I did for DPP and the OCA.


The third assignment is now on its way to my tutor and hoping to get feedback the next few days.

DPP Assignment 3 Andreas Fernandez 510766

Digital photographic practice: Assignment 2 – Seeing like your camera

23 Oct

Here comes finally the second assignment of the DPP-course.

I had to wait about ten days to get the light for my last picture due to heavy overcast and rain, sometimes snow.

The assignment as usual as a PDF (about 16Mb).

If you are interested to see the original pictures, just write a comment or drop a message.

Of to TAOP III….and P&P not to forget. 🙂


Digital Photographic Practice 2 Assignment

Digital Photographic Practice – Assignment one – Workflow

12 Aug

So now it is time for my first Assignment even in the DPP-course.

Exciting to see what critique I get! Fun to have discussion around things that I like.

Hope that you like it!


OBS! It is a PDF-file, about 35Mb big.


Digital Photographic Practice 1 Assignment