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The Art of Photography – Assignment 5 – Applying techniques of illustration and narrative

9 Oct

Here the last assignment of the Art of Photography module.

As always as a PDF file. I have to admit that I forgot to post it earlier but the tutor was happy about it!

The Art of Photography – Assignment 5


The Art of Photography: Assignment 4 – Applying lighting techniques

1 May

Here now my fourth assignment.

The end is near! 🙂

As usual as a PDF.



The Art of Photography – Assignment 4

Assignment 3 – Colours

24 Nov

Here comes finally the third assignment in the course of the Art of Photography. It has been quite a struggle to get colours in a monochromatic world….as it is right now in Northern Sweden.

Hope that you like what I did, write some criticism or advice!

Ha det så bra!

The Art of Photography – Assignment 3

The Art of Photography – Assignment two – Elements of design

16 Aug

So now, after some time of just carefree taking of pictures and travelling to other parts in the country comes my next assignment for the course: The Art of Photography.

In the beginning I really struggled to leave my holistic view and break the pictures down to their bits. I have to say that it just got more and more fun to look at the world via design elements and not just the whole thing.

Absolutely worthwhile to go through the struggling!

Down here you can download my assignment number two as a PDF. In case you are interested to see high-res-pictures just leave a comment or a message!




The Art of Photography – Assignment 2

The Art of Photography: Assignment – 1 –

25 Jul

Here comes the first assignment for the Art of Photography course.

Absolutely not satisfied with it I have to say. When i was done I thought about all the things that would have been better to do….and I thought of many things.

Well first assignment in a new field for me….we will see!


The Assignment is uploaded as a PDF-file. About 32 Mb big.

Ha det så roligt med den!

The Art of Photography – Assignment 1

Assignment one….now it begins

23 Jul

Today quite some work with pictures and on the farm! What a pleasure!

Have started assignment number one for TAOP…lots of work…but fun….getting slowly better at formulating my thoughts in English….but Swedish is still number one….before my native language….fy fan!

Had even time to do some reading and videowatching. Petapixel always a pleasure and rich on information about different styles of photographers. Not going to be a surf photographer though….car photographer.
Nice video about different flash units, specially ring flash. Must really consider getting one for my tattoo-project.

Read in the magazine “FOTO” about the sedish school of documentary photographers. Such as J.H. Engström, Christer Strömholm and this time about Anders Petersen. Dark and heavy, too much for my taste…but maybe after I have “grown up”.

now off to some more pictures and then to bed. Last three contrast-pairs to do tomorrow…or….later today to be mroe correct.

God natt!