Wolfgang Müller – Karat

8 Oct

A reportage about St. Petersburg and its youth, mostly about the part that most city’s don’t want to admit they have.

Close, never judging, openness in the pictures.

Depicting the street childrens situation without showing disrespect without grown-up attitude.

A clean, analyzing but also near documentary. Absolutely something to look further for and learn the photographers closeness to his subjects. again not the “old-school” black and white and misery pictures such as Christer Strömholm or others like him.


From the homepage


Although, after years of change and decline, St. Petersburg’s historic center once more emanates metropolitan splendour, one just has to go to the first or second backyard off central Nevskij Prospect to find staircases littered with syringes –and to enter a different world.

Stories of children and youths are told who live often on roofs and attics, five or six floors above the city’s streets where they hope to find a kind of home. Here they sleep, here they can take drugs without being apprehended, and here, too, they make money from prostitution.

„Karat“ is the brand name of a shoe polish containing solvents that many of them inhale.



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