Richard Billingham – Ray’s a laugh

7 Oct

Richards history about his family and especially his father Richard. Both Richard and his wife being addicted to alcohol and seeing how Richard changes in view the longer the book goes.

I looked at the book på vimeo as I was not able to loan it.

Touched is I guess the correct word  for what I fell looking at the pictures as it is a personal project and shows an intimacy which I would be happy to be able to show sometimes in my “career”.

Photographically maybe not top of the line is it very intense. Maybe that is what good photography is?


2 Responses to “Richard Billingham – Ray’s a laugh”


  1. Contemporary awareness 1 | Andreas Fernandez - Level 2 - March 28, 2014

    […] Richard Billingham was also written about before. He uses the intimacy of the realtionship that he has to his parents to show them, especially his father. His work is done in colour, often flash. The viewer is taken into the family to “everyday”-situations. He manages to almost make the viewer a part of the family in a way that he doesn’t look down on his parents and by that showing his parents as normal human beings with their flaws but also their positive sides. […]

  2. Video lecture on OCA – Andreas Fernandez – OCA-level 3 - November 2, 2016

    […] photographer as part of the subject, snapshotaesthetics. Nan Goldin, Richard Billingham (1, […]

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