Fifth part of course: Art of Photography

15 Aug

Very exciting!

Last part and I thought that i “just” about the last assignment as it is in DPP and P&P. But NO! 🙂

Very interesting theme!

Narrative and Illustration

First part has an interesting question: Putting the subject of treatment first….or to take different pictures. I observed a couple of times that I did not like a picture because of its “artistic value” or better said the lack of it but when I looked at it later on I liked the picture very much as it had a narrative component that might not have been possible with a more artistic picture.

You have to realize that both kind of pictures are equally valuable but in different aspects.

Looking further at the course materials the next part id “Narrative”

Telling the story and of course that means that you need to get as much information about it as possible.

What happens, where does it happen, when does it happen. That means both reconnaissance of the place, getting information of the subject/happening  you want to depict but even get organisatory information, where can you stand, is it allowed to use tripod and so on.

I think it is very helpful to think like a possible beholder, what do people want to see?

Normally that means that I want to give an overview of the scenery/of what’s happening, maybe surroundings to give a greater picture. Closer pictures of different parts of the scenery/happening and then of course giving even close-ups pictures of e.g. musical instruments when photographing musicians, concentrated expression and so on. “Being curious as a child” as taught by the cognitive behavioural therapy is a good lead of thoughts.

The course material even describes the use of a picture-script, certainly something to adapt as it gives possibilities to think and rethink the event.

Below is the first exercise under “Narrative” showing a musical convention of people that can play an instrument and just gather in a certain place one weekend in order to play together.

Project “Illustration”

Expressing a story, feeling or something like that in a single picture.

Examples that are mentioned are e.g. a picture depicting DaVincis interest for anatomy, several pictures from the 1930’s that show life there and the depression.

Two pictures I found illustrative are shown below.

autumn, berrypicking, food, sweet

autumn, berrypicking, food, sweet

Love, nearness

Love, nearness

We were asked to think about concepts that are regularly depicted in advertisements.

  • Healthy living
  • Protection
  • Warmth/Safety
  • “Freude durch Fahren/Vorsprung durch Technik
  • Age and agility

Illustration by symbols

Very straightforward but a problem that it might show a cliché, evoking a negative feeling or a bored one.

Of course you also have to consider that symbols are always related to the place on earth and culture you are in and grown up. as I wrote earlier on, white stands for purity and cleanliness in Europe but for death in asian countries.

Examples for symbols

Growth: Baby, small twig or flower, a field with corn

Excess: Money, bankers, actionsport, bodybuilding

Crime: Gun, mugshot, Mask, handcuffs

Silence: Library, snowy landscape, cemetery

Poverty: Homeless, damaged shoes, “Redneck”, dirt


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