The final goal: Your own homepage?

17 Jun

When looking at the result of the DPP course you of course also have to look at homepages.

I think at the stage that most of the people that take this course are a homepage is a goal. Maybe to represent you as an artist, maybe get you jobs or as a way of spreading your pictures among friends and colleagues.

I have so far done two homepages, first the stables:

And apart from the one here even

As you can imagine was the first one the hardest. WE wanted to have a page that represented us, my wife and me, tell visitors about the things that Nina dig with horses, training, which horses are on the farm and so on.

Most important was I think to get a good structure and invest a lot of time to see what you want to show and do that in a logical, easy to understand order.

After that, at least in our case, it was to “just” fill the pages with information, again not too much but easy to understand, and pictures to make it more attractive.

Of course, one thing to think about; it has to be easy to chance and update it!



We started of with looking at different designs and went from there.

Now after having started and almost finished the DPP course I have done a page just for me and as I wanted it to be easy to maintain and easy to keep updated it became a WordPress-page.

I thought also of it as a test page before maybe getting an own page with my own www-name.

There are several good advices in the course material, which I unfortunately had not read before I did the page (page 104) so I had to think myself and fortunately I was not that far off.
Probably now, after having it online a couple of weeks, my conclusions are….less is more.

You have to reduce, reduce, reduce to the absolute perfect pictures. No other pictures should be on your page.

Yesterday I read an article about specialisation in photography. Maybe not at the stage of experience I am on right now but I think I have to keep in mind. Concentrate on the areas you are good in. Experimenting and fun in your leisure time and when wanting to show the versatility of you as a photographer but when designing a page for you as a professional photographer show less and show that you know what you are doing.

When looking at other photographers in the area I live in one could clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of the photographers and that matched the experiences of customers that I talked to that had met them. Advantage and disadvantage with living in a small city. 🙂



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