DPP I – The final part

16 Jun

Now the day of the final part has come. Almost scary.

This part is about the finishing touches to the work one has done.

In other words: Post-post-processing.


Always a problem with pictures, maybe especially digital pictures, is the problem of losing them. It can be a mistake deleting them or “destroying” it by manipulating it beyond recognition and having done so on the original file and not a backup. With technique you always have the problem with computer- or hard drive-crashes.

So what should one do?

There are many possibilities, probably depending a little on how much data you collect.

Backups should in my opinion be on different media and if possible on different places.

The ranges from backup on DVD to external hard drives, cloud-services or having your own server and backing up on that one and in that case having the convenience if your house burns down your pictures are save.

Biggest problem is normally that one forgets to do it regularly and with that can be the loss bigger or smaller depending on luck.

I normally backup once a week with Lightroom and maybe once a month the pictures but that depends a little on how many and how important pictures I have taken during the last few days.

When looking at another aspect of backing up you have to consider in what format you do it. JPG? RAW? DNG? Nobody really knows if all the formats that are “readable” now will be readable in 20 years.


Printing is a science of itself I think.

Problems arise because you have to get the colours, sharpening, resolution and so on right.

Biggest problem is I guess to get the colours right because of the differences between the colours you see, you record with your camera, you see on-screen and you print.

A friend of mine, professional photographer, once said….the easiest way of dealing with that is to adjust the printer via your eye and comparing the result with the screen.

Problems here: Every ink and every paper has to get adjusted separately. I tried several times a photometer to adjust the printing and screen but it was not very satisfying. Probably because of the way I saw the object and saw the image and that the camera was not able to capture it the way I had seen it. Also different lighting situations in your office makes big differences in how the colours look.

I have come to the conclusions that you should stick to the original inks, if possible even the original paper. Otherwise, “Try and error.”


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