Way to assignment 4 for DPP

5 Jun

My tutor recommended to show the thoughts I had on my way to assignment number four of the digital photographic practice.

The assignment was to create a cover for a newspaper, magazine or book and use different techniques to alter the picture.

Finding a suitable cover-idea was very hard and at the beginning I thought about a criminal novel with a main character lighting a cigarette while leaning against the wall.

As one can see was my wife again the stand-in-model for the testing armed with a hat to give a little Humphrey Bogart feel.

I don’t really know why I left this idea but went on to maybe just use pictures from the net and showing e.g. an aquarium through a window, that would have meant using the windowframe and use the picture from the sea in a layer below to give the impression of looking right into the sea.

The result was not what I wanted to come to.

Next were two ideas I had about a corridor in our house.

The first one showing a person standing in backlighting with swords or pistols in hand, taking the idea from the cyberpunk-movement. The corridor would have been altered in a way to look like a tunnel or just a gradient from gray to black. Neither the figure or my photoshopskills were somewhere near what was needed to get a satisfactory outcome.

After that, still in the corridor but inspired by all the “ghosthunter” series on tv I thought about having a person going through a corridor and “into the light”. That worked quite well as the test shots show but then my final idea hit me and I went with that.

Final image

Final image


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