Available light

9 Apr

Looking at available light means that you have to think of it as natural or artificial light. Most of the time, in our civilized world we have a mixture of both, unless of course it is pitch black and you only get artificial light or from dusk till dawn where you can photograph without artificial lights.

Of course are there exceptions to that. Northern light is one or a clear night sky but even there is a mixture of light sources more common than uncommon.

Looking at different scenarios and especially the white balance (WB) in them you get characteristically colour casts in sunny places, shade or on cloudy days.

Most of it has been done under the DPP-section.


So to sum up: Shade and overcast days are “bluer” in WB, something that might have to get corrected but keeping in mind correct is not always attractive.

Looking at shady places or overcast days it gives other possibilities that you do not have on sunny days because clouds are the “ultimate” diffuser, giving a very soft light without too harsh shadows.

Down here are some examples of a trip I had with some friends on a cloudy day along a river that was in a lighter forest, in other words two diffusers.

I took them in RAW but converted most of them to black/white as I liked that it focused the view on the structure and texture in the frame, rather than colour. One of them is in colour showing the possibility of longer shutter speeds and a river. Here you can also see that the colours are soft but rich and not as “watery” as on sunny days at midday.

Now the comparison between sunny and overcast, between me and my father.

Lightintensity is about 3,5 f-stops difference and one can see the difference in WB very clearly.

Advantage with overcast days is that the person you are taking photographs of do not have to squint and gives softer shadows. Those two pictures are o.k. as they are and I would not have moved my father to the sun in order to get a better picture. Me on the other hand would have profited from moving to the shade I think.



For the last part we were asked to look at weather and the possibilities that come with it.

Snow have you seen quite often in my pictures as we have it about 6 months of the year. The IceHotel is an example how the weather and snow has created photo-possibilities.

Down here are some pictures taken during rain. One shows my mother behind a car window and she herself said that this is the best shot of here ever. I decided to focus on the drops rather than the face in order to give even more anonymity. The second one is a grass straw after the rain with drops on it. In black and white to focus even more on the structures in the frame.

After that are four pictures of puddles during the rain with different shutter speeds. One has even movement blur but I prefer that picture to the more sharp ones, even if i do not know why.




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