Photographers role

4 Apr

After I read an article in the “FOTO”-magazine in Sweden about Bruce Davidsson that could not continue working with fashion photography as he saw the racist demonstrations in the southern part of the US and decided that that was his way of shooting, after looking at the pictures and reading about the photographer that took photos of a human being run over by the tube instead of helping (even if it is uncertain that he could have done anything), after looking at this collection of pictures from Iraq, I began to think about photographers role, especially in documentary photography…what is ok to show, when is it ok to not show. When should we just help or are we helping by documenting?

I have read nu quite a bit the last few years about that subject but I am not certain what my answer to that question is….what is yours?

Enjoy in any case this collection of war-pictures from Iraq, stunning, partly photographically, partly like a freak show.


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