Criticism is good but hard!

30 Mar

A few days ago a friend och mine and tutor in photography Neil came by on our way to the Icehotel. I had done some experimenting with product photography and had just a few friends over to shoot whiskey.

I was quite proud until Neil said something about my pictures when I asked him about critique. 🙂

I should have known because he is a very good and very pedant teacher and not happy with second best.

His point was that I was going the wrong way in photographic education. I think he is right!

What I had done was I tried to take a short cut to the pictures which were nice but I did not learn from it as much as I could have.

As you can see on e.g. Youtube all tutorials show a big softbox on one side, a reflector on the other and maybe some fill-in from the front to give some sparkle to the jewellery.

I should have analysed the object more carefully and decided what and how I wanted to show. He also said: Don´t take big sources of light. Begin with one, small, a spot maybe. They are unforgiving and you have to be accurate with them. Everybody can take the big stuff and get a catalogue-picture but that is not photography you should be aiming at.


But I have to admit that he is and was right! 🙂

Down here you can see some of the pictures and see if you like them or not!!



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