Edward Weston

5 Mar

Kill your Idols?


I have today finished reading a book about Edward Weston recommended by my tutor for The Art of Photography.

Edward Weston (Pocket) by

Brett Abbott, J. Paul Getty Museum (PHT)

Three things struck me although I certainly have to digest the book during the next few weeks more.

First is the absolute precision he used when eg. took the picture on the cover, what a brilliant photo.

Secondly, they mention that 1400 pictures were a fourth of his work, during his lifetime. That means that he took about 5600 pictures all together.
Ok, when thinking that his career was shortened by his Parkinson disease it still was a lot but compared to today’s flood of pictures…

Thirdly, he was new with what he did….but would his pictures be regarded as great nowadays with all the pictures around us? I am not so sure that if you look at the pictures without looking at them from a holistic point and not taking into consideration when and under which circumstances the pictures were taken, that they’d get the “epic” stamp.

Surely there are great, epic pictures but also pictures that by today´s measurements are not very good at all.

So in other words you have to open to the surroundings and the history of the pictures when looking at them.


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