The users point of view

4 Mar

This exercise is about showing the position of a person being in that space, in other words showing how it looks when you are there. something like a “point-of-view” position.

Almost when taking pictures of children or animals the camera should be at eye level so that the beholder can relate to the subject, may it a room or an animal.

Down here are again pictures taken from the trip looking for conference facilities. This time I chose a longhouse, basically just two wall leaning against each other, giving a triangular cross-section. The pictures show first the view after having entered the building, looking towards the stove which might be considered the middle of the house. Second pictures shows a closer look at it and then looking back where one came from and with that giving an impression on how it looks inside the houses.
As I described earlier were the eye level chosen slightly under “normal” eye level to show that the height is not as bid as in a normal house, the stove of course while kneeling down.


The last two pictures show different situations and spaces. The first sitting at the open fire in one og the “tipi-houses” showing how it looks while drinking coffee. The last one is shot while sitting in a more conventional building, almost like a picnic-place, looking out. An alternative might have been to sit on one of the tables that you see in the picture and looking out, being the eye of the beholder, but I decided against that as our visual field is so much wider than I can capture with a camera and with that much of the feeling of the place had gone lost.


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