Space and function, part three of the P&P course

4 Mar

So after some time without direct contact with my blog I continue with the third part of the people and place course.

this time it is about “Space and function”.

I have interpreted as to learn how to look at spaces and try to convey the space and the function via pictures so that one, not knowing the space, can see or guess what the space is used for.

My thoughts about that are that you have to have an open eye, curious and not taking things for granted. A little like cognitive behavioural therapy means that you cannot assume things but need to ask how they are and not how they appear to be. Even Kierkegaard should be taken into consideration as you cannot assume that the beholder knows the same things as you and by that you have take him or her from the level they are on and lead them on. Otherwise you are just a show off.

Om jag vill föra en människa mot ett bestämt mål måste jag först finna honom där han är och börja just där. Den som inte kan det lurar sig själv när hon tror att hon kan hjälpa andra. För att hjälpa någon måste jag visserligen förstå mer än vad han gör, men först och främst förstå det han förstår. Om jag inte kan det, så hjälper det inte att jag kan och vet mycket mer. Vill jag ändå visa hur mycket jag kan, så beror det på att jag är fåfäng och högmodig och egentligen vill bli beundrad av den andre istället för att hjälpa honom.” – Sören Kirkegaard, Dansk Filosof 1813-1855

I guess that with most spaces it is obvious what their function is when looking at them. Either by the way they are build or by the things that are in those spaces.

Down here you have a few pictures I took while exploring possibilities of different conference centres. As you can see are the places quite exotic by western standard. It is a very simple “down to earth” place, without any electricity and just the basic accessories.

The first house has basically just two floors with beds on either one of them. I took first a picture of the whole house to give impression of the building ad size and then from the inside. I thought about taking a picture of the staircase but that did not really give any more valuable information. I wider lens would have been nice but I do not have one.

The second building is more or less build like a big tipi, in other words round and with a fireplace in the middle. Sitting facilities or beds on the side.

The last building is an old farmhouse and as half of it was not in use and not renovated I concentrated on the kitchen and dining area. I probably should have used more pictures to even show details of the room to give a better impression of how it looks and feels inside there but I wanted to minimize it.


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