Artist of the day – David Hockney

14 Feb

I have to admit that I never knew who David Hockney was before a friend said that the IPad is brilliant to take Hockney-like pictures. Of course, curious as I can be I looked at some of his pictures and I have to admit again….I did not like them very much…but when being regarded as one of Britains best artist you cannot just say that you do not like him unless you have seen more of his work.

I can recommend his webpage:

It has a huge collection of his work from all the periods in his life and all the different techniques he used.

What can I say….an impressive artist of a magnitude that my small mind cannot grasp his hugeness. Even not being trained in the art of painting and looking at paintings it is most impressive that he develops from decade to decade. Still going strong. Using computers nowadays, Iphones and so on.

When first looking at it it was the simplicity that turned me off but when thinking about it and looking at more works of him he got stronger and stronger for me. Looking more closely reveals how brilliant he can paint and draw with minimalistic effort.

Absolutely something I have to look at more.

Taken from his webpage:



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