An organised event

10 Jan

Next step in the “people unaware” section. This time we were asked to photograph an organised event where photographers were exspected and there were several things happening.

As always, this time of the year, almost all people are in hibernation, at least in social hibernation and there are almost no social or public events to take pictures of.

I thereafter decided to take pictures I had taken during a wedding as it fitted the description of the exercise exactly.

The first few pictures are taken during the dinner after the actual wedding. There they had a professional photograph and I did not want to interfere with his work. It was staged in a restaurant around a big table. First I wanted to catch the reception and show the bridal pair. After everybody sat down I wanted to get some pictures of the couple, more closeups of him and her and of course the speeches of the fathers and other emotional moments. There after a small girl playing bride and strutting around.

Of course here is just a part of the pictures chosen not to have too many. Click on them to get bigger versions of the whole picture.

The next day was a garden party and I was asked to take picture of the guests and the party itself, the location and what happens.

So in other words again reception, but as it was an open invitation it was both in the hall of the house and in the garden. I wanted to show some of the guests how they sit. children playing, the barbecue and the last present they got, which was a painting done by all the guests during the party.

Down here again a selection of pictures from that. Click on it to get bigger version and the whole picture.


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