A public space

10 Jan

The next step in this part of the course is to take photos in a public space, examples were t.ex. a park or a beach….but as we have between minus 15 to minus 30 degrees Celsius the chances of getting a good opportunity to take pictures would have meant waiting to June or July.

I therefore decided again to to take a shoot from the summer and have some pictures of a very small wintermarket outside, just before Christmas

There is a tradition in this part of the world that almost all weekends before Christmas is a market where people sell things they have build. Traditionally mittens, smoked fish, pastry and more.

I took pictures with wide angle to get a feeling for the place and how the people mingle around but thereafter went closer to show interactions between buyers and sellers. taking one small series of a younger man talking to an older man about a smoking machine. I liked that because of the clothing of of one and the very typical facial expressions of the other person.

I also took some “portraits” of visitors or sellers to get a little the feeling for the place. Who of course can withstand a dog? So he also got in one picture.

The next series shows a small girl going to the playground, being excited, running to it and then playing with other children, climbing on the slide with help of a friend and under the watchful eyes of her father.
She was very open and did not care about the camera, so I guess that she has practice as a model for her parents.


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