Standing back

8 Jan

When looking at possibilities of taking pictures of strangers, or unaware people you have to decide what kind of focal length is the best one for the job.

This exercise is about medium to tele-lens.

I guess that this is the preferred lens for people that are not as confident, don´t want to interrupt or of course not want to get into trouble as e.g. coming too close to a motorcycle driver or rider.
An advantage is that you can isolate the object from a maybe messy background but even the fact that telelenses compress the picture gives some advantages. In the course material the possibility of maybe getting cars or people between you and the subject of interest but I think that that is just minor.

“Real” streetphotographers think that a tele is “not the real deal”, other lenses than wideangle is not worth going for. Of course having a tele can be compared to being a sniper while a wide angle lens is more like hand to hand combat.


Down here are some examples I took to show the use of telephoto lenses.

The first to isolate the man and get a clean background while getting an interesting foreground with the antlers of the reindeer.


This was used to vie compression show the huge amount of reindeer.

The next three are an example about how important it can be to stand away from the action in order not to interrupt the work and to scare the reindeer even more than they are.




This one gives again via compression the impression of a huge herd of reindeer with the man in the background being small and out of focus to put even more strength on the reindeer


The last two pictures show again people who are unaware and don’t want anybody standing in their way as they compete with their horses




In all the photos I used a short depth of field to isolate the subject more.


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