Close and involved

8 Jan

The former exercise was about telephoto lenses and this is about the opposite…wide angle lenses.

Most people call it even a “documentary” lens as it has such a wide angle of view that it cannot really exclude the surroundings, if you don’t want to go very close, getting distortions as a negative effect.

The big advantage is that you have to get close in order to really get a focus on the subject of interest.

The big disadvantage is that you have to really be careful what you take into the picture and you can get really disturbing things like signs or other people that take focus of the subject of interest.

As I just recently bought a wide angle lens there were not so many opportunities to use it. I still feel uneasy with all the information that has to fit into the frame. Therefore it has been a second hand alternative when choosing lenses for me.

The pictures I have chosen are a mixture where I used the 17-40 mm lens apart from the interview picture, there it was a 24-105 mm lens at 24. Main reason I chose the wide angle lens was to get more of the surroundings in the frame.


The first two pictures show impressions from a lesson in horse riding and I wanted to capture the seemingly lack of structure when looking at the parking lot and then getting a rider and the instructor in the frame as well as some of the other members. Another possibility might have been to to shoot through the people and catch the pupil and instructor to get some framing.



The next few pictures show two horses with carts. Sitting on one of them, taking mostly pictures of the other equipage. The big advantage was that I got lots of the surroundings into the frame, but it was important that the background was not too cluttered.

last are some pictures that show our horse to give the picture of two carts driving. and a feeling of what you see as a coachman.




This picture was taken while following a friend while he was documenting those two people on a journey.

They sit inside of a tipi-style tent made of lumber. My intention was to show them with the open fire. as it was an interview situation I could not change my position to show even the man interviewing them.




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