Strength of interpretation

10 Dec

When comparing b&w and colour images you also have to take into consideration how much you can alter them before they look strange or unpleasant.

We were asked to take two images and alter contrast respective do a high-key or low-key treatment. I did some more pictures then shown here and I think when looking at how much you can increase exposure before it looks unusable my impression was that it differed from half a stop to about two step that you can increase more in b&w. Looking at the opposite part of the scale, decreasing exposure the difference was not that much, about 1/3 to 1/2 of a stop difference in favour of the b&w image. I think that it depends upon that the darker a coloured picture gets the stronger and more saturated the colour become and in most conditions pleasing while the b&w version just gets darker into black, of course depending on the colour scale in the frame.

When looking at contrast adjustments there was a huge difference in increasing contrast but not that much in decreasing it. This time it got too surrealistic for my taste. To see how it was with decreased contrast I added them below here.

Interesting was to see how the colour translated to tones of grey. Difficult to predict it in my level of expertise but getting better at that. To have at least basic knowledge about colour and colour relations helps to predict that e.g. red in front of green looks very much alike.


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