5 Dec

This is the first exercise in this part of the course.

As the title says is it about RAW-files and more exactly about the difference of RAW and JPG.

We were asked to take three pairs of pictures, one in daylight, one inn artificial light and one in a high-contrast situation. The pictures are supposed to be taken in a combined modus of Jpg and RAW.

The first pair is the high contrast pictures showing the house of my parents. The first picture is the RAW version and the second on is the JPG.

Differences are in my eyes that I was able to get structure back in the shadows and a little bit in the highlights. The JPG version on the other hand did not provide the possibilities to adjust it as well as the RAW version. I could have lightened the shadow area but that would have meant loosing information there. As I tried to get the highlights back it showed that it was completely blown out, not even the slightest information could be retrieved in the JPg but a little bit in the RAW image.

I even adjusted the white balance in the RAW-version to a more pleasing and warmer tone.





The second pair is the outdoor shot, showing again my parents house. AS you can see in the first picture, which is RAW the sky has been darkened a little in order to give some more texture and feeling of sky where as the ground around the house and house has been lightened to have a more pleasing appearance.  The problem with JPG in that case again is that you have to decide if you want to expose for the ground, which leaves you with totally blown out sky or the other way round getting a nice sky but too dark ground and house.  I tried to adjust the JPG picture but was not happy with the outcome as there was no information left in the sky to give realistic appearance.
The white balance was pretty much how I wanted it, so just minor changes.





The next pair of pictures are actually three pictures, showing more extensive editing due to an error I made when taking the pictures. As I normally shoot RAW I tend to forget to check the White Balance, giving a horrible greenish tone in the image in that case. The lamps are blown out, as expected but there is no problem with that because they contain no valuable information.

The second picture has an adjusted WB for tungsten light. The third picture has adjusted exposure with keeping structure in the highlights. Trying to do that with the JPG-version proved to be unsuccessful.

First test JPG

First test JPG

RAW with corrected WB

RAW with corrected WB

RAW with corrected exposure.

RAW with corrected exposure.


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