Photographer of the day

26 Nov

When looking at Petapixel I found a short video about this French artist Philippe Echaroux that took pictures of people he met on the street and took picture of them with all the photographic equipment normally associated with high-end photosessions.

He, of course, took interesting people and the result was stunning. I thereafter looked at his homepage and studied his work with a little more time…..his pictures touched something in me. I don’t know what it is, maybe that most of his personal work critical about society but in a way that is easy accessible or that part of his money goes to charity but I think his pictures are honest in a comic-style. Colours saturated, high contrast but all of his pictures with a twist.

You can look at them a lot of times and still find new things in them.

Have a look at his page!


Down here is the video from his page about this street phtography project.


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