Focal length

6 Nov

Depending on the focal length you can get very interesting but even very bad results. I took several shots from 11 mm to 400 mm of my friend Johan.

As you can see using the wide-angle lens means that you have to get very close and get distorted pictures. The longer the focal length the farther you have to go away from you subject but the more flattering the picture can become.

Advantage of longer focal lengths might be that you can get a shorter DOF as it decreases the longer the focal length gets and that the structures in the picture and face seem to  be nearer then they are. You get even better proportions in the models face.

Shorter focal lengths, in other words shorter than a “normal” lens you get more distortions in the face that can be used in specific pictures, with e.g. a humoristic touch, but not necessarily in “normal” portraitpictures.

400 mm, nice short DOF with f 6.3, face might look a little flat

190 mm, f 6.3, little wider DOF but pleasant result

105 mm, f 6.3, even wider DOF, nice proportions of the face.

24 mm, f 6.3, starting of distortions, if I had used a full frame camera it probably would have been too distorted to use, but as I have a APS-C sensor it still is usable. Background can be seen clearly now.

16 mm, f 6.3, even more distortion.

12 mm, f 6.3, not usable if you don’t want to have a humoristic picture of Johan.


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