Expression / Eye contact

5 Nov

It is very difficult to decide what kind of expression you subject should have. Everything from smiling, joy, fear, boredom and so on can be used. Often when shooting a portrait  of a person that is not used to standing in front of a camera you have to guide him or her through it. Expression there could be e.g. smiling, sad or neutral, depending on what the picture is used for. You also have to decide if you want the subject to look into the camera or if  he should look away, maybe just the eyes or the whole head.

When taking pictures, as in a normal conversation you should not hide yourself behind your camera but communicate openly with your subject. Maybe even invite her or him to come with own ideas. During the session it is valuable to show the pictures taken so far and reassert the model.

Down here some pictures from my session with Johan. Eyes and head both away and towards the camera.

Often when looking away with both eyes and head it looks as if the camera is just looking and recording, while you are nearer when the subject is looking towards the camera. When having the head towards the camera but the eyes away it often gives a shy impression.


head and eyes both away


Head away, eyes toward the camera


Head and eyes away


Head and eyes to the camera


Eyes and head away


Head away and eyes to the camera


Head and eyes to the camera


Head and eyes away


Head and eyes away











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