5 Nov

A good alternative to a “standard” portrait shot can be a shot while the subject is doing some activity. That way they are not so concerned about the camera.

Classic shots would be an interview shot, e.g. a person sitting at a desk, books or other things realting to the subject behind and around him. It looks as if the subject is talking to someone or explaining something. Important is it to have a fast enough shutterspeed in order to avoid blurry hands because of movement or to have hands in front of the face.

Alternative shots could be contextual shots, subjects in the environment you want to show them in. A surgeon in the operating theatre, a gardener with flowers, and so on. That way they “feel at home” and you can get more natural pictures.

Down here are some of my attempts at people in activity. I chose to take Johan in his role as photographer as his role as a medical doctor would mean going to the hospital where  we are not allowed to take pictures and a picture of him in his greens on the churchyard might have been a little macabre.

Apart from the photos here there are more pictures in the “experimenting with light” section.

Johan as he works, not that usable due to him covering his face with the camera. An alternative would have been e.g. to shoot him in the studio with the flashes showing that he is a photographer.

Johan the paparazzo. When asked to pose for me he instinctively took that pose. A mixture of a paparazzo and Quasimodo, when not looking for a humorous side of the trade.

An alternative to the paparazzoshot. I lke that he is clearly a phtographer but looking away, even if the light is badly chosen. The door gives a frame for him

Johan took a portrait of me leaning on the shovel instead of me digging. That way you can see the person and due to the surroundings and accessories can see that he must be kind of gardener or communal worker.


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