Thinking about location

2 Nov

Locations, I guess, are important as a setting for the shoot and to give the model something to interact. Sometimes just an interesting wall can be enough to give a nice setting, sometimes it needs more, like a museum, nature, boulders, trees, and so on.

I have a couple of months ago begun to mark my locations in a Google-map, sometime with a picture, often without it because I have the scenery in my head.

Because of the lack of mobile lighting equipment I am mainly depended on good natural light. Often are the shots “doable” in spring, summer and autumn. Winter is often too cold and to dark to get good shots outside or inside.

Other places are just too crowded to get a calm environment to work in.

One solutions is the studio of Johan that can be borrowed but that is also very small and crowded.

Down here you can just see some of the impressions I have shot on locations.

The session asked for in the exercisedescription can be seen later on. It is located on the Betonwerk.

Checklist for a setting:
(page 14 coursematerial)

  • Is it reasonably consistent in tone and feature?
  • Does it complement or contrast with the person?
  • Does it need tidying and cleaning? Look for scraps on the floor anything obviously disordered, drawers left open, doors ajar, and so on.
  • Are there unnecessary distracting objects in view? Look for strong clashing colours, images an/or words. Do they add or detract?
  • Things sticking out of the models head? Powerlines, …



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