Colours into tones in black-and-white

31 Oct

The subject of this exercise is to take a stilleben including different colours and convert it to black-and-white (bw). I chose to have a set of pencils on a greycard. That way I had an easy way to get the actual white balance.

The shot was done in RAW and conversion within Adobe Lightroom 4.2 with the presets there for the different filters.

Expected was that the filter lightens the colour and darkens the complimentary colour, e.g. Yellow filter giving lighter yellow colours and darker blue/purple colours.

As you can see is it not that clear in this test and when looking at the presets there are more changes made to the picture than just raise brightness for one colour and dropping it for the complementary. It works fine for yellow and blue filter but when look specifically the green filter it raises both red and green-brightness. As far as I have understood the principle of filters and when doing it according to the course material without the presets I get different results. In other word. Do’t buy everything.

Very powerful instrument but you have to do it manually to get appealing results.


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