Colour relationships

31 Oct

This exercise is about colour relationships between complementary colours, their relative brightness and balance they have to each other.

The second part is about finding appealing colour combinations.

As described in another part of the blog there is a relative brightness to each colour that requires to adjust the amount of colour in the frame. Proportions are:

Red:Green 1:1

Orange: Blue 1:2

Yellow:Purple 1:3

Down here my examples of the pairs.

Orange – blue

Red – Green

Yellow – Purple

The second part of the exercise was to find appealing colour combinations. There were several combinations that were more often chosen. Favourite is probably Blue/red and Blue/yellow. You cannot live in Sweden without having and liking the red-green-combination.

Red and a similar orange/yellow in the flower in front of a green background, complementary.

Harbour in Norway, small yellow metal object that is more powerful than the considerable bigger blue/green of the water and the sky

Red against green and the grey-blue of the sky and the grey of the water. Very appealing to my taste

Classic costume for the region we are living in. Balancing red/green her skirt and having red-green-blue with his costume. Eye-catching.

Yellow/purple, a colour accent. Too small to have the 1:3 proportion of balance.

All three primary colours in her clothes and with that very contrasting colours.

Red and blue standing in a green forest. Typical for Northern Sweden.

Sapmi-flag or Lappland as you might call it. Every colour has its meaning, the circle depicting the moon during the winter and the sun during summertime. Different colour relationships but the whole flag is very appealing to me.


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