26 Sep

Noise are an artefact in the picture that  comes from the interaction between the pixels on the sensor and the closer they stand to each other the more noise you get.

A good explanation why higher ISO gives more noise can be seen here:

All pixels have electrical interactions all of the time but when boosting the sensitivity you also boost the noise level to the amount that you can see it more and more. Of course when looking at dark areas in the picture you have relatively more noise to the photons hitting the pixels and with that having a higher relative amount of what we see. That even means that when the camera applies its gamma correction you automatically get more noise in the shadow areas.

The other noise is long-exposure-noise. That normally has a certain pattern according to the cameras sensor and enabling the camera to reduce it quite effectively.

When looking at pictures in detail it can be difficult to decide if the texture you see is noise or the real texture of the fabric, e.g. as seen in the picture of the jacket.

You can get monochromatic nose of coloured noise which often is more disturbing.

Down here are the pictures I have taken from ISO 100 to 12800. As you can see does the noise get more the higher the ISO. From about 800 or 1600 it is noticeable when not having zoomed in but still usable while it gets just annoying with 12800 and when taking 6400 it mostly depends on the scene if it is tolerable or not. I this case I think it is usable.

Summa summarum: Stay as low as possible!


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