Linear capture

26 Sep

There is a difference on how the eye, film and a sensor “see” light. Eyes and in somewhat lesser extend film “compress” the light, in other words, light, even twice as bright (physically) does not look twice as bright. The sensor on the other hand does not do that compression and before we see what happened with the picture the camera already makes some adjustment called a gamma correction.

Looking at the pictures and forms of the curve you see that the original picture is already “adjusted” to eyes, while the dark picture has a strong tendency towards the left hand side in the histogram. When taking a screenshot of the dark picture and trying to get original picture you get a mirror image of the original curve. That curve is called a gamma curve.

I could not get the original quality back, I guess due to the bad quality of the screenshot and loss of information.

As in a later chapter written you see the highlights clipped in the sky and even with strong adjustments are they without information to get back more texture in the sky.


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