30 Aug

Different shapes are used in photography, regular and irregular and the more regular they are the stronger role they play in the composition.

Shapes can provide structure to the picture, an example is the tendencies to create shapes when looking a randomly spread points.

Depending on the contrast, meaning not only tone and colour but even I context, it stands out more or less.

Shapes can be e.g. geometrical figures like triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, and many more but also can be known symbols or silhouettes as animals in backlighting or hearts.


Triangles are the simplest figures, being quite active, sometimes giving a sense of movement. A triangle standing on a side is more stable while a triangle standing on a corner is unstable.

Triangles give also a feeling of perspective. As with lines there are implied and “real” triangles.


Rectangles are mostly manmade and obvious parts of the composition, stable and not very interesting. It can though be used as a frame inside the frame, stressing the place inside the frame even more.


Circles are quite common, flowers, wheels, and more are examples for it. It is more or less the most complete and harmonic shape. It is very strong and with that giving much structure to the picture.


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