Exercise: Vertical and horizontal lines

16 Aug

The objective of this exercise is to take pictures of horizontal and vertical lines, four of each. Under the process we are asked to think about commonness of those elements and how they come about.

Below you can see the pictures that I took in that exercise but I have to say it was more difficult than I thought to have “clean” horizontal or vertical lines. Vertical lines were quite OK to find but horizontal ones were quite difficult and as the course material writes it almost every time some human made structure. In nature you don’t get them that often if you don’t take with you the horizon. If you find them I tend to try and get them at an angle in order to get some tension and direction from the to guide the eye.

Looking at vertical lines they are common in both nature and man made objects.

My conclusion is that horizontal lines give a calmness to the picture, a standpoint, but it often is boring when just having them in the picture without other strong elements in the picture.

Vertical lines are not to be avoided, maybe besides in the desert, and can be used to frame things in the picture or to divide the picture in different parts, something that is a lot of more difficult with the horizontal lines that I have found.


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