Exercise: Multiple points

16 Aug

The objective with this exercise is to create a picture by positioning points in the frame, one by one, documenting it and trying to get an appealing picture and then trying to see different shapes in the pictures.

I chose to take a simple wooden plank and position tools on it. Camera was, as required, fixed on a tripod.

Below you can see the pictures from one to ten, partly rearranging the points to get a better picture.

I found that it was difficult to get good looking pictures with the subjects that I had chosen. A basket with fruit might have been a wiser choice but not the metal objects.
In my opinion an odd number worked better than an even number, it had to be distributed across the frame.

Just putting them into the frame without thinking was not either working.

The higher the number the more difficult it became and the more I wanted to have some kind of order and shape but was difficult to get shapes that were not too obvious, as asked in the exercise description.

In the end I could not hold me and played a little with different known symbols as the peace-symbol e.g. Although There are multiple lines that you can get from the pictures I cannot see that those lines have any meaning to the frame.

Although I tried several times to get better pictures I never managed to get a picture I liked, probably because of my tendencies to like strict order.


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