Exercise: Positioning a point

13 Aug

The exercise is about positioning a point in the frame, one in the middle, one  off-centre and one close to the edge.

In the beginning I thought  it was easy to place the points but after a while it came to my mind that it was difficult på have points right in the middle and at the edge and having them there on a purpose.

I thereafter looked through some of my older pictures and tried to find a scheme after which I normally position my points in the frame. I then realized that the definition of point is quite fuzzy, there are some objects that can be called a point in some pictures and not  a point in others. Difficult!

I have chosen to show some pictures of points and beneath that leave some comments about them.



I came to the conclusion, at least for my pictures that I don´t really like to have a point in the middle unless it is a very strong point, like the flower. It has to be a steady object and having it in a square picture works I think. The squirrel picture does not really work for me how it is right now. The sea bird, now being four points works in the middle because it creates a line, parallel to the coastline and to the line that the other two bird create, dividing the frame.

When having off-centre-pictures I think it works best if the points have some kind of movement to them, that way you stress the movement part and give them room to move to. It even opens up the picture and give a direction the eye can move.

When having a point on the edge I think it is more powerful than a point off-centre , guiding the eye and inviting the eye to explore the picture more. At least that happens to me when looking at  the pictures I have taken. The house picture e.g. creates that feeling.

I think it is very difficult to see how point divide the picture. Easier with a couple of points that generate  lines to go after.

My future goal is to have points more in my thoughts and analyse the pictures more while having them in mind.


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