Exercise: Your own workflow 2

27 Jul

Workflow of an unstructured photosession

The exercise this time is to go on an unstructured shoot, I other words unpredictable, e.g. streetphotography, holidaytrip, weekendtrip.

Again having a workflow beforehand and after the shoot assessing if it was usable or needed adjustment.

Before the trip

  • Is there any information about the place where you are going. Anything specially interesting? How is the weather going to be and do I need special gear for that?
  • Will I be going by foot or car, in other words keep it light or can I take everything that might come in handy?
  • Charge batteries and depending where you are going maybe borrow some in case you can’t charge them during the trip.
  • Enough space on your memorycards? Is it possible to download during the trip or will it be done after it?

During the trip

  • Download pictures when possible and charge batteries.
  • Be open to tips from the locals.
  • Be open-minded and try to think differently than you usually do. Get out of your comfort zone? Try different times of the day, go out when it rains, …

 After the trip

Same procedures as with the portrait session but think about that even “half-bad” pictures can be something to keep if it is something special or you don’t have other pictures of it


The session or trip I decided to take was a trip to Finland and Norway, semi-holiday but mostly to follow a friend of mine who is a professional photographer and had work during this trip. I was there to assist him and to do some videography.

The trip was about a week but photography, mostly nature, was concentrated to four days in the middle. From those day I came home with about 1000 pictures. During the evenings we had the chance to download the files and recharge batteries, both mentally and electrically. Under that trip that went to the Northcape in  the end we had some contact with the locals, most of the times via tourist-information and on campsites. that proved to be good because it created another job for my friend.

Looking back I have to say that my workingplan worked well, mainly also because you have to be flexible, otherwise you get frustrated. Just the naturephotography-part was uncontrolled from the beginning and when we saw something interesting we stopped and took some pictures. Advices from locals helped to find good places.

The assignment that my friend had was of course a whole different matter. He had quite strict instructions on what to shoot. That gave us I think a good structure so that we did not fasten on a particularly spot but kept moving and saw different spaces.

Editing was as usual, taking away the technically bad ones and then getting them in order after the traffic lights-scheme (see exercise no. one). After that I had about 400 pictures left to go through and I did that and am doing at the moment while editing.

I feel that it depends on the mood and on the day if you like pictures or not. But I definitely have to get better at throwing away bad or half-good pictures. I think that I in the end will have about 100 good pictures.


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