Exercise: Histogram

27 Jul

This exercise aims to get aware of the histogram, both in the camera and in the computer in order go get a feeling about contrast and appearance of the picture.

We were asked to take three different pictures with three different expositions, one 1 step underexposed and the other one one step overexposed.

The pictures should have little contrast, normal contrast and high contrast. Here is the gallery we were asked to have including the histograms of the pictures.


In the first row you have the high contrast pictures, normal, minus and plus one step.
Clippingwarnings are on, in other words appear blue and red in the picture.
The first picture shows what the camera thinks is correctly exposed, but as you can see the sky is already blown out in some areas. No shadowclippings.
The histogramcurve is almost spread across the whole histogram and when under or overexposing you see that it moves from left (underexposed) to right (overexposed). There you can also see the clipping by having an abrupt cut on the right edge of the histogram.
Two strong spikes showing the forest to the left and the sky to the right.

The second row shows the medium contrast picture. This time the curve is smaller and has three spikes, left for the land, in the middle a smaller hump for the clouds and then to the right for the sky. No clipping this time.

The third row shows just a bit of earth, which I thought at the time had less contrast than the other pictures but shows nu, at least in the normal exposed version a histogramcurve across almost the whole spectrum but without clear spikes, maybe a little for the darker areas but the curves does not look as distinct as the others.


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