20 Jul

The task of this exercise is to try and get several pictures from a single picture by cropping it.

I chose three different subjects as asked; first a herd of reindeer, then a road to nowhere and finally some electricity-poles.

As earlier I used the unedited picture to get a better feeling for the picture and its possibilities.

This picture is taken on a beach about 100 miles south of the North Cape. The reindeer are semi-wild, which means that they belong to someone but live free most of the time of the year.

The first picture is the original, uncropped one. Second, third and sixth picture are in square-format, a format I quite like and in this case even fitting the calmness of the scene. Second and sixth are about the same but with different emphasising, the second more on the foreground and the sixth more on the sky.
You could of course combine those two in a vertical format to get both the foreground and background in its wholeness.
The fourth and fifth are similar to each other, having a panoramic cropping in order to get all attention to the reindeer, the fourth even having the water in the foreground in it to get more depth.

The next picture was shot on a road to a dairy farm in the middle of nowhere as it seems.

The first uncropped, second cropped at the upper side in order to get the horizon more as the rule of thirds recommends. Though more as the rules says i prefer the uncropped version over this one.

Third picture again in square format as even the fourth. In the third I chose to have everything as “middle” as possible, the horizon, the road but looking at the pictures with a little more time I think I prefer the fourth one, because the dark sky and the road that goes to nowhere make it interesting. The third has a little too much focus on the road while the fourth leads my thoughts more to: “Where is this road going…?”
The fifth picture was a test to see if vertical and very close cropping to the road works. Not really I have to say after I have slept over it a night. “Too much” I think. Maybe if you´d have more at the end of the road, in other words something the road leads to it would have been different.

Power lines
First picture again uncropped, and the second in a square, to see if I could get rid of the way in the foreground and just concentrate on the powerlines. Abstract with out any other things than the poles and lines I think. But I like it.
Third picture is about the same format as the original one, just without the way and cropped to the right. Like the second with more sky. Not sure if I like it.
Fourth and fifth are quite similar. Fourth with bushes in the foreground and trees to the right as a frame. Fifth without those. Looking at them now  I get the impression that the fifth with even less space  on the right might be even better, in other words the lines begin and end at the frame.


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