Frame shapes and sizes

17 Jul

The golden section and the rule of thirds

Very useful I think and up till now I hadn´t understood the Golden section…but now!

On page 60 of the coursematerials for TAOP you have about the Golden section:

“The idea ehind that is that the ratio inside the frame, from the small part to the large part, is the same as the ratio between the large part and the whole. … A simple approximation of these proportions is the rule of thirds,…”

I find that it is always useful to have those rules in mind. Often, when I see a scene before the camera but cannot really capture it, is the rule of thirds good to organize my thought and give some structure. From there I can see if there are different, maybe more interesting views.

On the other hand are those rule quite predictive, in other words, if I use them too much I feel that I am standing on one point, not getting as interesting pictures as possible. Boring might be another word when looking at loads of pictures that are composed after those rules.


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