Positioning the horizon

13 Jul

This exercise is about positioning the horizon in the picture and with that “dividing” the frame.

As you can see below I took eight pictures of a scene on an island in our archipelago. I chose to include even parts of the island i was standing on in order to get something in the foreground and with that being able to have something in the whole picture, something close and something far away.

Of those I think three are more attractive.

The first one that is more attractive is the picture with the horizon in the middle. Giving a calm feeling. A little higher or lower works also fine if you want to put some stress och forground or background/sky.

Then you have the horizon aligned to the one-third-rule which gives me a pleasant feeling about the picture. When having the horizon on the lower third it stresses the sky and on the upper third if you want to stress the foreground. That makes it necessary to have something in the foreground to put the stress on.

When putting the stress on the foreground I think it adds a feeling of depth but I guess that you have to be careful not to have too much fore- or background, giving it an unbalance. Of course if you don´t want to have unbalance.
In the other case, stressing the background and sky it gives me a sensation of huge size, “the sky being the limit”, but when not having enough in the foreground I think it just is a blue part of the picture without any relation to the earth.

The task reminds me a little of the Italian photographer that chose to take pictures i square format with the horizon in the middle of the sea. Very calm and in some pictures calm with that making the stormy sea ad absurdum.


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