Focal lenghts and different viewpoints

13 Jul

This exercise is about taking pictures of a scene at different focal lengths and varying distance to the subject of interest.

The first picture is a barn at a focal length of 180mm, after that the same point of view, same scene at 17mm and finally trying to get a similar view of the barn, meaning moving closer until the barn fills the frame.

180 mm, point of view 1

First picture showing the barn filling the frame nicely, not having too many other things in the picture to get a feeling for the scene. Knowing that the pole in the middle is about 60 meters from the barn, the barn being about 100m away,is interesting because without knowing I probably would have guessed that the pole is about 20-30 meters away. Even the pile of stones close to the house looks as if it lies directly on the wall.
Nice proportions, not very distorted.

17mm, point of view 1

Second picture, same point of view but at 17mm shows much more of the surroundingsand everything appears to be further away than they in reality are.

17mm, point of view 2

Now at the second point of view at 17mm the barn looks distorted, the walls falling away from the camera and the distances in the picture appear a little more than they are but not as wrong as in the telephoto-shot.
Distance to the barn is about 10m.

Looking at the pictures provided in the course materials I believe that the telephoto-shots are better to isolate the subject of interest by having a smaller angle of view, a shorter depth of field and by compressing the scene taking a away the feeling of distances and context.
The wideangle-shots provide on the other hand more possibilities of exploring the scene without having to move to much, giving a better idea of surroundings and by changing the point of view emphasizing  the sizeof the subject, the car in that case.


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