13 Jul

The objective is to look at older pictures, trying to find and describe the balance or unbalance in them.

The dominant part in this picture is I believe the window that looks out to the other house. The picture is quite balanced having a square frame and the dominant object having a similar shape. It even is lighter than the rest of the picture counterbalancing the rest. If the window had been in the middle of the picture it would have been even more balanced.

House by the lake
The balance I think is between the tree and the house. The house being smaller but darker and more compact, the tree bigger but “lighter”. The warm colours near the horizon are stronger than the blue of the rest of the sky and counterbalancing it even if it is just a small part of the picture.

I find it very hard to describe a balance in the picture because of its simplicity. The frame is vertical, the grass as well and the  leave in a positive diagonal leaving a warm feeling in me. The leave makes that the two sides of the picture feel alike even if the straw is deviding the picture into 1/3 and 2/3.

The North Cape
Easy to see the balance in the picture I think. The sculpture being in the middle of the picture. The globe being in balance to the flat pedestal and horizon with the people as a link as I see it. Even the colours warm the the bottom and colder behind the globe balance each other.

Near Nikkaulokta
The dominant part of the picture is the telephone pole, I think it is strong because of its compact blackness and the geometrical angles, in contrast to the softer shapes of nature. It is even close to the edge. The bush on the right hand side being closer to the edge but not compact and more diffuse than the pole

The obvious dominant part is the grass. Even if it has only a small part of the frame I believe the colour and more complex structure emphasizes it so it can counterbalance. the background being simple.
I find it very difficult to explain why I think that the picture is balanced but it feels that way.

The dominant part is Johan a close friend of mine. I think the balance in that case is between him and the compact vignette on the left hand side of the picture.

When now looking at the pictures i think it is difficult to see and be certain what the dominant part of the picture is and even more to pinpoint why it is in balance. I think I know it but not certain, more of a feeling for the picture in stead of being able to argue for it.


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