A sequence of composition

11 Jul

The objective today is to get out and find e.g. a group of people to shoot i order to practice different views, angles and composition in order to then look att the advancement in composition, why I used a different viewpoint…

The scene is at a local festival för folkmusik and dance. Mother and child decided to get onto the stage to dance to the tunes of a wellknown local musicgroup. It was not an “official” danceshow but I could see the joy in their faces and wanted to capture that and then even the place to give it a context.

Below are all the pictures taken of them and then the ones i particularly liked.

Now the pictures i liked in particular, becuse they had different approaches to the scene.

I wanted to show, as i wrote earlier on, both a nearer version in order to show their happiness and joy but also give an ideå of the surroundings.

When I saw them i just fired away a couple of shots in order to catch the moment in case it was just a short dance. After that I went over to get a closeup of them as they dances and turned around. That proved to be more difficult as they were quite fast and not always was the girl laughing as naturally as in the third picture. Backdraw is the head of the person sitting infront if me but I had not the chance to get any closer without interrupting too much. Besides that was the light nice för the picture and had a good background. If i had shot from left or right it would have showed housewalls or more people. When shooting from behind i would have had strong light against me.
After having a closeup i tried again to get a better shot of the surroundings with them still dancing. After a couple of shots they got tired and stepped of the stage.

The three pictures  I chose from the nuch of pictures have something in them i liked.
I the first picture i got the pair dancing, little tilted giving a little more action but i did not get the surroundings as i would have liked.
Picture number two shows is good for the surroundings but the pair should have danced. I probaly would crop the picture a little on the underside to get rid of the shoulder and have more stress on the stage.
Picture number three shows the happiness of them and that laughing face is the essential part i think.

if i could do the scene all over again i probably would try to get closer and maybe a little lower. Trying to fill the frame better with the pair, maybe trying to have longer shutterspeeds to get a feeling of motion into it.

But i guess if you choose a coupl of the picture it tells the story.



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