Object in different positions in the frame

10 Jul

The objective is to choose an object and position it randomly, centered and to the sides of the frame.

I chose a stone in the sea with a bird because it provides a clear background in order to be able to compare the thought that come up when looking at them.

The first picture show the stone att the random position. To my taste too much in the center, not enough surround it to see the context and in my taste not in balance if you take the branch and horizon into considerations.

The second picture has the stone in the center, making it very prominent. It seems to me that it has to be something more “spectacular” than a stone in order to make the picture work. If it had been a face maybe even having a square frame would be nice in order to  stress it even more. In other words the object must be able to “stand for it self”, being strong.
An exemple of pictures with strong objects woud be http://www.david.nu with his pictures of rust or play cars.

The third picture shows the stone a little off center and leaves an interesting picture, even without the branch and trees I would have been curious what the object is

The fourth picture shows the stone att the ledt hand edge of the picture, slightly under the middle line.
That way i think it stresses the stone and reflection in the water but i don´t know if it had worked as well without the branches to right that give a kind of balance in the picture.
Would it be a moving object like a walking person, a car, or other i think it would have added to the feeling of movement to have it on one edge, it gives a feeling of where the object is heading.

My order of preference is slightly off center, at the edge and than the centered picture.


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