Fitting the frame to the object

10 Jul

The task with this exercise is to take pictures of an object first without thinking too muchabout composition, then as big as the frame, then only a part of the pbject and then with the object as only a smal part of the frame.

I chose for that a barn because of its rectangular shape and with that fitting to the rectangular shape of the viewfinder/frame.

In the first picture the barn is set according to the one-third-rule, which feels natural to me and came more or less without thinking where to put the barn in the frame.

The second picture shows the version that fills the frame, the third goes at least so close that not all borders can be seen.

In picture four and five i chose two different pictures to make the barn look less big and not so prominent in the frame. In picture five I like the most that the barn i small but have several lines guiding the view to it, making it a small but important part of the picture. Picture three is not as good as i cold have been. Not close enough i guess, not stressing parts of the house as much as possible and therefore not giving any new information to the pictures.

Frame three feels a little well tight. I would like to see more of the suroundings to get a feeling for the context of the barn.


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