Focus with set aperture.

6 Jul

This exercise has a fixed aperture and different focus points in the picture.

As recommended i used a part of my bookshelf to get the depth in the scene.

First picture is focused on the first books, second on the middle part and the third is on the last books.

Aperture is set to f 4.0

Focal point closest to the camera

Middle section of the bookshelf

Last section of the bookshelf


In my eyes picture number one is the best, followed by number three and then number two.

Reasons for that I guess is that the depth of field (DOF) appears to be the shallowest in picture number one and thus giving a nice flow from the front to the back of the picture, getting more unsharp. Number three seems to have a shallow DOF as well but my eye dislikes that it gets more unsharp the further you look to the right and to the foreground. Looking from left to right needs getting sharper because of our writing from left to right. When flipping the pictures horizontally I think that the difference between picture numer one and three decreases.
Looking at picture number two leaves a to wide DOF, having put a stress to the middle of the frame and the middle section of the shelf but not as shallow as i would like it to be. The picture is not leading the eye into the picture for me.


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