Focal length and angle of view

6 Jul

First exercise in the AOP-course.

The idea behind the exercise is probably to learn the difference between wideangle to telephoto pictures in both angle of view but also in how we “see” och react to the different scales.

First picture is at 24mm on my Canon 7D, meaning 36 in fullformat. Only slight wideangle in my eyes it does not give you a distorted view of the subject such as you might get from using a fisheye-lens. The feeling when holding it in its print-version is that i want to hold it slightly nearer my eyes in order to get the same feeling as pictures number two.

24mm (36mm)


Picture number two is att 40mm, meaning 60mm fullframe. I think that that is quite close to what I see as standard of my camera. Distance between the printed version and my eyes is about at halv an armslength.

40mm (60mm)


The third picture is at 105mm, about 157mm in fullframe, with that having a much narrower angle of view, only showing part of the parked car.
when holding it infront of my eyes i have  to hold it about 1,5-2 armlenghts from my eyes to get an equal feeling as in the other pictures.

105mm (157mm)


Conclusions from that are that the higher the focal length the narrower the angle of view and in that being able to isolate subjects. Also getting some kind of compression in the picture, if you compare the distance between that garage and the car. In the telephoto-shot looking closer than it is in the wideangle shot.


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