What has happened so far in my studies?

5 Jul

After having read the first parts of DPP and AOP i thinkit would be wise to copy my sketchbook to the blogg. Otherwise it is impsooible for my tutors to read what i am doing….handwriting was never my case….:-)…partly not being able to read it myself.


Starting at midsommar, Swedish fest first thing to do was to read the basics and administrative papers in the courses.

What it seems to m e that i have to be very organized to be succesful with the courses. Keeping a learning log is going to be a  real challenge. From “learning-by-doing” to even structure it up that another person can get what i did and thought is tuff. Specially if not having the person around to directly give and take feedback.

But being 20% of the part only means: Smile…and do it.

First parts of AOP consists mainly of basic stuff like DOF, aperture, shutter speed with loads of exercises. Should be good to have a soft start with things that have become quite easy but even nice to write about it and learn how to formulate myself in a foreign language.

First part of DPP consists of workflow and histogram. Basic and after reading it very niec to see that I after a couple of years already have the same scheme of “editing” (choice of pictures).

More on AOP and DPP next days.

Being the number-nerd certainly helps when trying to learn the full aperture steps as being inverse proportional to the shutterspeed and proportional to ISO. One step  means twice/half the amount of light.

A=1/S=I (mathematically not correct, but good to remember)


Very good definition of the golden section…on page 60 of  the AOP-folder. Finally got it!

“…ratio inside the frame, from the small part to the large part, is the same as the ratio between the larghe part and the whole.”

But now the photographic trip to Finland and Norway, following Neil in his comission on taking pictures and video of the Golden Massey-Fergusson tractor on its way to the North cape.

Trip to Kemi in Finland where we meet Gianni and Leo, as well as the videographer Alessandro. Neil is taking stills, i am assisting with videoshooting.

Trip to Ivalo.
Exercises in panning for videoshooting, almost the same technique as when hunting, begin slowly, follow the goal and continue the movement after you have shot what you wanted. Gives smooth filming that way.
Neil is getting up on six a.m. to get theguys preparing their trip. All to give some context to pictures.

BOILING WATER FOR THREE MINUTES IS NOT ENOUGH……if you have a picky stomach….

To Stabbursness nature reserve. Finally fjäll (mountains)…and the sea!
Macrophotography…don´t forget to get low and get the surroundings also in the pictures. gives context about the flower/animal.

Recon to E69 to see where we can do some filming with the tractor. Stunning landscape!
When the guys arrive interview with them in a peat-hut from the Sami. Nice with a fire in the middle to get a “moody” feeling to the pictures and film. A little too much smoke, but great coffe.

HAND-OFF: in videofilming a scene that can be used to link different scenes togehter, in that case…Gianni/Leo walk into the hut, and then filmed from the inside how they enter. Hand-of is a closeup of the hand opening the door.

Drive to Honningsvåg.
Recon of the cape and Glesvaer, an old fishing village.
Panorama-photography and the midnight-sun.
In order to avoid lensflare:  French flag, large aperture and looking at camera position.
In order to get a “moving” feeling in a tractor picture; 25% movement of the wheels. Often around 1/80 sec.

Capo du Nord and Veidnesklubben with the dairy farmer. Fun to see the thoughts that Neil has around pictures for the article.

Home to Boden….seeing an elegant sea eagle flying in front of the car. Majestic!


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